Ashley & Ray -- Hitched!

Nothing makes my heart happier than photographing a close friend's wedding. It's like being on a rollercoaster--you get all of the juicy details beforehand, and help them stay calm when things go awry, and rejoice with them when something exciting happens. When the big day finally arrives, it's like watching a wonderful memory unfold--all of the little things that you discussed with your friend are little sparks of excitement throughout the entire day. Ashley & Ray's wedding was exactly that. From start to finish, it was so heartwarming to see Ashley's excitement to marry her best friend. Everything we've ever talked about made for the perfect wedding day for them. The Hotel DuVillage put on an amazing wedding, and we even got some snow! Magic is the perfect word to describe the day.

Click the cut below to see more!

Grooms--send your brides flowers the day of your wedding! 

Ashley's first look with her dad could not have been any cuter.


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