Cindy & Rico -- Hitched!

Cindy & Rico know the importance of family. From their own daughter, all the way to Cindy's own mother, the familial vibe that they give off is palpable. They had to move their wedding day up, and it went from a big, fancy affair, to a perfect, intimate backyard wedding. I truly think it encompassed them perfectly. The weather was wonderful and everyone rallied together to make their day memorable and beautiful.

I don't usually shoot solo, but I'm kind of glad I did for this really opened my eyes to just how special Rico & Cindy's wedding day was, and it was an honor to shoot it for them.

Click the cut below to see more!

One of my previous brides Taylor did these bouquets and I'm STILL having heart eyes over them!

Congratulations to Rico & Cindy! All of my love!

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